Once Again…


Once Again,
Lets start from the beginning .
Lets take a deep breath.
lets talk to me,

“what I missed?”
“what I lack?”
“where I lack?”
“what I need to change?”
“what I need to improve?”

Don’t fall back, stick with me.

Lets not make a long-term goal.
Lets make a short-term goal.
Lets not make it much complicated.

Deep Thinking….

I can see,
I can feel,
I realize.
I can change.

lets fight with the obstacles,
Lets change for good.

Lets talk again,

“who’s stronger? “
“who’s weaker? “
“who’s going to fight?”
“who’s going to deal?”

so, lets fight back without falling back.

lets kill all negativity.
lets spread only positivity.
lets wash all the corrupt thoughts.
lets feel the inner peace.

Once again,
Lets start from the beginning.


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